Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tales From The Rails

Found this link and description from a skilled graffiti writer.

"This video Tales from the Rails!! Freights from Sein5, Cavs, Key, Vism, Mone, Ces, Clark, Seen, Hush, Gaze, Free5, Muse, VET (Surprisingly), Zine, Sekt, Pre (crispo, acura) and so on. I feel like I have see this before, but Im not positive. Either way, it got me so amped and brought back a ton of great memories intothegrave will agree!! It has been said that Bzee and Xist in this too. If so that'd be sick. Haven't finished it yet but it got me hype.

Stolen from 321

**edit** Bzee/Exist at 15:21.

Tales From The Rails from 321 on Vimeo.

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