Monday, May 2, 2011

माय डे

MAY DAY, Obama most likely just sealed his rigged election by delivering an "emergency" speech which announced that the terrible man we all know as Osama Bin Laden is now not alive because we killed him. Im not even going to get into how many times we could have killed him or how we worked with him, but this is bad news anyway. I say this because this now somewhat justifies the U.S.A's war in the middle east for defending itself against the 9/11 attacks, which were an inside job. if you think things are going to get better, your wrong. they will only get worse because now they have even more backing for their outrageously incorrect actions. the play is just unfolding and it isnt a fairy tale ending for most people. This country is a joke with whats going on and what is broad casted.

this is just some things that should be discussed in mainstream media and get implemented. obviously he wouldnt win though.

this one is kind of annoying with the repetitiveness and slow-mo special effect. i skip that part but it is just another view of what the next one says.

Also, look up the Obama Youth Army or americorp. These are going to be very useful for him. Stalin said give me a child before the age of 7 and i can make them anything i want. Obama and his crew are looking to implement kids into their programs early as possible to get them to think the things they are told to do are the norm and by the time they are older it is all they know and trust. They speak of having to perform a service or duty for your citizenship, it isnt free. look it up.

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  1. idk about 9/11 being an inside job.. i think southpark got that one right saying the USA would like people to think they were smart enough to pull something like that off. But this hole binladin bullshit is deffinatly just a reason to keep the war on terror going. (Notice its happening pretty close to the 10 year aniversery of 9/11)