Wednesday, March 23, 2011

que linda

Lurkin' the web last week I saw some nice custom cafe's. Then today I saw another one which i thought i saw last week, but they are just both silver. ha. Anyway I'll post both of them as each have their own feel and style. The first is a CB750 and the second a '72 CB550f with custom tank and seat.

CB750 scrambler

'72 CB550f w/ a "bolt on hand formed 'armadillo' gas tank and seat" from Benjie's Cafe Racer, BCR.
Rider is Sarah from Washington. Ride safe.

Personally out of these two i'd take the top one. Those beefy tires, handle bar position and number plate really do it for me. I feel like that thing could handle the abuse id give it. Though the 550 has a beautiful tank with those inlets for the legs.

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