Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Scott Pommier

Spotted these photos a little while back and forgot about them, then today I saw some of them featured on Meow and it prompted me to get this posted late. Interesting to see which she chose to post and which I did. But I instantly loved them. Black and White, motorcycles, wall rides, hand built shovels and pans. Photographer is Scott Pommier. Big ups.

One of the best feelings is finding that sweet spot to rev out the corner, although with this view surrounding you at every turn, its important to keep your eye on the road.

on those straight roads, feel free to just look backwards.

These last 3 are of Schaff who runs 4Q conditioning. Awesome wall ride and no hander. He's a super cool dude, met him at last years Brooklyn Invitational. He rode out to BK from The Bay with some buds. He looked beat but said it was all worth it. It just one of those feelings being on the open road.

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