Thursday, April 7, 2011

getting the Led out

info on this song - "This song is about a dog--listen to the lyrics, he says: "when you're old and you're eyes are dim, there ain't no Ol' Shep gonna happen again..." and, tell all your friends around the world, ain't no companion like a blue-eyed merle". The song ends with a lyric about , "hear me callin' your name..." and then Plant yells out "Strider" as if he's calling his own dog. He named his dog after Tolkien's character from the Lord of The Rings.  So there ya go--a bit of Zeppelin lore."
-via youtube comment, i fucks wit it.

ate two of these today, delicious. this is so early. the pace of this is much slower than on the final cut for album. doesnt seem like them almost.

wow. first off, hows that for an intro. second plants pants are painted on and page's have a chinese dragon down each leg. but the performance is

and we out.

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