Friday, August 19, 2011

mother nature

it amazes me how large and powerful mother nature can be. if you were standing at that resort shown in the video, you'd think it was tall and huge and a great achievement, but look at the mammoth size of that fucking storm.

"A towering wall of dust , more commonly called a "haboob", rolled up from the south Tuesday night and arrived in metro-Phoenix just after 7pm. This wall of dust originated from collapsing thunderstorms north of Tucson late in the day. Cold, dense air at the top of these massive thunderstorms drop straight down at then end of the cloud cycle and hits the ground, forcing the desert dust and sand airborne as it rolls out from under the cloud. Visibility dropped to less than 50ft in the city, causing flight delays and traffic problems. Winds inside the cloud were near 70mph and caused minor damage. These are storms are common during the Arizona Monsoon, but this one of the largest in recent memory. This is a time-lapse video taken from a news helicopter."

"Giant Dust storm in Arizona comes accross the valley, 7000 feet high and 51 miles wide. We ask is this the making of geoengineering? More information is contained in this video!
UPDATE! More details: , in my area, the winds picked up FIRST, 60 mile an hour winds. People brought there kids in and there animals right away. Then the wind and the trees were blowing and whipping around, hard to capture in a still shot I suppose. As to the actual PLUME , it built up right before my eyes, raging in from the South East, covering the mountain (literally eclipsing the mountain and the sky. It was so loud outside, because the wind and trees were whipping around...then this gigantic plume erupted and just sort of rolled was not peaceful what so ever...the dirt was typical of the desert, reddish sand and dirt, and it dumped into my pool (also typical of a dust storm. But this was like no one had ever seen in the desert, and the news is still reporting on it daily.The wind blew from several directions, like a funnel effect, as I watched my trees, they bounced around in all directions and some of the 6 foot fan palms were forced by winds and bent to the ground. UPDATE JULY &, 2011 :Trees were uprooted around Casa Grande when I did the drive by yesterday. Huge trees (again typical of winds, nothing new there) It was the enormous PLUME that just blew your mind as it grew and got higher and thicker with dirt, it ROLLED in like a wave of water. The after effects were 20 ft. visibility , and we still have not settled all of the dust. Yesterday it was like a global dimming here in Casa Grande, the air, a thick greyish brown haze, the streets covered with mounds of dirt and desert sand piled up on the side of the roads, as well as the center of the roads, and when I drove on the pavement, it was like I was driving off road,as the dirt kicked up around the tires and into the air."

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