Tuesday, August 16, 2011

spray masters

Directed by Manfred Kirchheimer

featuring zephyr, lee, lady pink, futura. has a nice soundtrack, great stories, great insight and alot of great old school nyc footage.

"the things i was buying were things that lasted, you know; the latest led zeppelin record, that was $3.50, but i still have that record" -zeph

hearing them all talk about racking the paint is too good. especially lee. talking about buying a rat trap so atleast he bought something, cling cling. ha

"and there was no starbucks back then, so they were sleepy! but got awoke by that shit." LEE

found here on chino's page

heres a piece blade did back in the day on a train, and the one following is a picture by Ket RIS which was taken at 5pointz 2011.

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